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FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG stars \"Hollywood Horsepower Couple\" Fireball Tim & Kathie Lawrence. The World\'s Coolest Automotive-Beach-Lifestyle VLOG directly from the beaches of Malibu, featuring amazing CARS, AUTOMOTIVE INSPIRATION, CELEBRITY Interviews and DESTINATIONS. The show reaches millions via Youtube and The Auto Channel Television Network. Who is Fireball Tim? Fireball is a legend in the Car Design world, having designed vehicles for over 400 of Hollywood\'s biggest films including BATMAN, KNIGHT RIDER, JURASSIC PARK & MONSTER GARAGE. Car Designer, Author and Award Winning Filmmaker, Fireball\'s been a Host for Speed, TLC, Discovery, Velocity and many others. He’s literally reached over a billion viewers and has appearing at SEMA in Las Vegas for the last 30 years. In addition to this, Fireball is Host of his own Car Event, WHEELS AND WAVES in Malibu, Ca. showcasing some of the best cars in the world every 3rd Sunday. SUBSCRIBE on YOUTUBE
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